Car Care

Car Washing and Cleaning Service offering an extensive range of car washing and cleaning services. Our car grooming packages include complete range of services right from basic car washing services to detailed interior and upholstery cleaning, protective coating, dashboard polishing and vaccuming.

• Interior and Upholstery Cleaning

- Cleaning, disinfection from germs and fresh interiors

• Wax Polish

- Most economical polish treatment and shine the car instantly

• Paint Restoration Polish

- High gloss and finishing, aesthetic value of car is improved

• Underbody Antirust Treatment

- Seals and protects the under chassis of car from impact , long term protection against rusting to the underbody of the vehicle

• Service Plus

- Combination of products to enhance vehicle maintenance

• Petrol/Diesel Additive

- To improve the fuel efficiency of the car

• AC Disinfection Treatment

- Covers Ac interior vents, cooling coil and blower disinfection